Implementing a true Koi sock when netting fish is crucial to protecting their spines as the Koi sock allows them to safely conform to the netting as they curl and jerk their bodies

Liquid Designz Spring Maintenance Service

Liquid Designz and its staff take great pride in our Spring Maintenance Service where a

COMPLETE CLEANOUT is performed along with the start up of your design.

Our annual training and extensive hands on knowledge allows us to be precise with all the necessary aspects of this service.  Using a Koi sock for proper netting along with the

handling and storing of  your fish. The safety of your fish is our top priority while preparing and

enhancing their home for the upcoming season.


Maintenance Services

Services Performed for your Spring Pondless Waterfall Cleanout.


  • Drain entire pondless system-
  • Remove All debris ( please note: Pine Needles are removed in bunches due to their difficulty to remove completely)
  •  Hose down and or power wash large boulders depending on buildup.
  • Rinse and clean all gravel 
  • Continually pump out dirty muck and water until clear
  • Clean biofalls and or bog area
  • Fix all settling edges 
  • Remove all decaying aquatic plants     and trim back hardy plants
  • Check all submersible/exterior lighting / cover exposed wires  
  • Reset lighting transformer
  •  Check wear on Iongen probes 
  • Check Impeller / Connect pump
  •  Check for low edges

Please Note:  For larger reservoirs… we DO NOT remain on site for complete filling unless requested.( Additional charges apply)

Services Performed for your SPRING Pond Cleanout


  • Drain pond
  • Place fish in holding tank using       Koi sock ( protects spine)
  • Remove debris from pond
  • Hose down and or power wash rocks and gravel
  • Continue to rinse and flush pond as muck and debris is eliminated
  • Clean skimmer mats 
  • Clean Biofalls mats and or Wetland filter 
  • Trim or remove any Aquatic plants and decaying leaves
  •  Check all submersible and exterior lighting /cover  wires
  • Reset light transformer
  • Check Iongen probes
  • Dechlorinator and an Organic beneficial bacteria is added prior to re-introducing fish into pond ( A safe amount of water is replaced prior to our departure)
  • Reconnect pump

Please note:  We DO NOT wait for the pond to fill up unless requested. (Additional charges apply)

Monthly Maintenance Package


Typically May through December

  • Check pump for proper flow and partial clogging
  • Check water level and that Auto fill is working properly
  • Tighten all valves and secure pumps
  • Add liquid algae control to minimize green water
  •  Check Iongen probes and settings
  •  Remove any debris from upper(if necessary) and lower reservoir
  •  Adjust spouts and or lighting fixtures
  • Hide any wires that may have become visible
  •  Be aware of current and short term weather conditions ( storms, high winds etc…)
  • Trim and maintain any aquatic plants

NOTE: Pricing will be determined once we see your design and realize what your priorities and concerns are for your water landscape and other landscape architecture.