About Us

This gorgeous SPILL BOWL design is situated at one of New Jersey's finest hospital's location.

The VALUE behind hiring Liquid Designz

We specialize in helping clients visualize their outdoor living areas potential for enjoyment and relaxation year after year. With endless options such as Natural Ponds, Recreational Ponds,  Pond -less waterfalls, Waterfalls, Natural Streams, Fountainscapes, Koi ponds and so much more. 

It is a known fact, that unlike a swimming pool, a SAFE, aesthetically pleasing and well functioning design will enhance the value of your home .

There is nothing to say about our latest INSANE, ONE OF A KIND design, a  floating one ton boulder!!


Want a small fountainscape? No problem. How about a nice little Koi pond? No Problem. Maybe your one of those that likes pushing the limits? If so,

 then just take a glance at our custom design .....A FLOATING ONE TON BOULDER.

Nothing like it anywhere !!!!!  So hands down one of our greatest attributes is our DIVERSE design and construction. 


What you can EXPECT from our well as what we expect from you.

Nothing is as important as gaining our clients trust and respect. A MUTUAL respect for each others time vital for a healthy relationship of any type. The majority of our clients have been with us  since our 2006 inception  which we take great pride in.  Personally, I have always believed in and exemplified the saying "Treat others the way you would like to be treated"

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